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About the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

Our Mission:

To illuminate global Jewish experiences through film.

Behind The Scenes:
What’s really remarkable about the CJFF is that it is a volunteer–led festival. The individuals and organizations who create the festival do so out of a love for Jewish film and a desire to view them with the greater community.

Eleven screenings will be presented this year — dramas, documentaries and comedies — in which Jewish life in all its variety will be displayed. This year’s movies were chosen with the broader human experience in mind and encompass many themes that are universal to people of all faiths and walks of life. Don’t miss out…these wonderful movies are not otherwise being screened in Charlotte. So grab a friend and a bucket of popcorn and treat yourself to an evening (or afternoon) of quality and affordable entertainment! See you at the movies!

The 2010 CJFF is brought to you by the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah and the Levine Jewish Community Center. This project was made possible, in part, through a Community Cultural Connections grant from the Arts and Science Council and the Grassroots Program of the North Carolina Arts Council (a state agency).

The Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah created the festival in conjunction with the Light Factory in 2005. The following year, the Levine JCC became a community partner and in 2007, the Arts and Science Council, the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte, Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, and the Consolidated High School for Jewish Studies followed suit. In 2008, the Mint Museum of Art and Mecklenburg Ministries joined on as community partners as well. This year, the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival is pleased to reach out to the community and welcomes the Latin American Coalition, Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Libraries and the Lake Norman Jewish community as new community partners.

In 2005, Diamonds Direct became the film festival’s first corporate sponsor. Since then, numerous companies, stores and businesses have added their support. Please see our sponsors page for a full listing.

Some Fun Facts About Us:
• The First Annual CJFF screened two films in one evening to a sold-out crowd of 140.
• The Second Annual CJFF screened five films over two days to sold-out audiences of 400.
• The Third Annual CJFF showed ten films over nine days with audiences totalling 1,000!
• The Fourth Annual CJFF screened nine films to audiences totaling 1,300!
• The Fifth Annual CJFF featured ten screenings to audiences of almost 1,500!
• In 2009, the Arts & Science Council increased its support of the CJFF with a $8,200 Community Cultural Connections grant award and attendance climbed to nearly 1500.

Join the Team:
The CJFF is made possible by our volunteers, community partners and sponsors. To join our team, email our Volunteer Coordinator, Ellyn Gross,

Executive Committee (2009):
Director: Jodi Werner Greenwald
Film Curator and Community Partnerships: Debby Block
Volunteer Coordinator: Ellyn Gross
Marketing Director: Shari Baum
Web Liaison and E-communications: David Strauss
Treasurer: Emily Patrick
Ticketing: Michelle Bamford
Administration: Shellie Barer
Reception Chair: Gloria Feibus
Legal Counsel: Jill Dinerman (Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP)
Hadassah Liaison: Hadas Kasher
Light Factory Liaison: Linnea Beyer
Survey: Lee Gross
Grantwriting Chair: Jill Blumenthal
Member-at-large: Lynne Cojac, Leigh Rose
Adult Programming Director, Levine JCC: Jodi Valenstein
Creative Director, Levine JCC: Elsa Safir
Marketing Director, Levine JCC: Kelly Reed Keeling
Financial Services Director, Levine JCC: Daphne Williams
Financial Services, Levine JCC: Debi Ghiloni
Security Advisor: Corey Riddley
Web Designer: Lena Lumelsky (Woland Technology)


Film Selection
Debby Block, Curator
Sherry Palmberg, Co-Curator

Michael Swanson
Lynne Cojac
Frank Paul
Jackie Fishman
Gene Kavadlo
Morry Alter
Joan Rasmussen

With thanks to Joan Alter, Tom Palmberg, Linnea Beyer, Jodi Valenstein, and Shellie Barer

Debby Block
Phyllis Berlin
Leigh Rose

Shari Baum
Jill Blumenthal
David Strauss
Lynne Cojac
Donna Greenspon

Gloria Feibus
Lauren Walter
Penny Krieger
Hadas Kasher
Lorrie Klemens
Shari Marcus
Judy Marco
Jackie Kushner
Sheryl Hollander
Lynne Cojac
Marcia Solomon
Joyce Stoll
Rebecca Usadi
Janet Lefkowitz
Laurie Gersh

Joyce Stoll
Jackie Kushner
Penny Krieger
Gloria Feibus
Janet Lefkowitz
Hagit Stav
Marcia Solomon
Brenda Gale
Rhonda Sawransky
Lorrie Klemens
Lorrie Dennis
Phyllis Korman
Laurie Gersh
Staci Mond
Millie Corday
Gayle Osborne
Lynne Cojac
Ivy Saul
Nancy Felder
Nancy Kustein

Bunny Bramson, Pat Burnham, Robbie and Bob Damesek, Helene Cullen, Laurie Dennis, Ira Dunst, Zelma Fink, Jackie Fishman, Mimi and Gordon Frank, Brenda Gale, Barbara and Sam Goldberg, Janice Greenberg, Linda Greenfield, Lee Gross, Donna Greenspon, Sarah Grossman, Flo Hersch, Penny Krieger, Larry and Shelley Leibman, Gail Brooks and Alan Lemkin, Audrey Madans, Shari Marcus, Judy Marco, Malka and Menahem Me-Zahav, Liz Mualem, Jill and John Partridge, Frank Paul, Sheila Peltzer, Joan Rasmussen, Toby Ruda, Alicia Salmona, Fran Schuler, Audree Spatz, Hy Spectorman, Adrienne and Herb Spindel, Nancy Tarbis, Lauren Walter, Esta Weiland

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